About FlippingBook for Annual Reports

An annual report is one the most important documents a company produces. It has the power to establish new partnerships and build trust among existing donors and stakeholders. That’s why you need a professional to create engaging and powerful reports.

With FlippingBook, anyone can make a web-friendly interactive report. The tool takes plain PDFs and converts them into beautiful publications with informative videos and links to useful sources. Plus, your annual reports can look instantly recognizable with your company branding and custom design.

Online hosting makes it easy to share annual reports via any channel: email, social media, your website, or intranet. It’s also easy to keep your documents up-to-date—your clients will always have access to the latest document version.

Also, FlippingBook lets you control how your reports are accessed and distributed. You can protect your document from printing, downloading, and sharing. Or even set a password to make sure your content doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.